Stainless Profile

Stainless Profile

Stainless Profile Our existing dimensions are continuously available in various sizes from 10 × 10 ‘to 100 × 100‘, in various thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm wall thickness. All of our stainless profiles are 304 quality and 6 meters equal in length. We aim to bring our customer satisfaction to the forefront by following the technology closely in order to manufacture cheaper for our esteemed customers without sacrificing quality.

Stainless Pipe-Stainless Profile Usage Areas:

Decorative Pipes and Profiles: (Non Annealed)

Stainless steel pipes and profiles are the most important building elements of city furniture and accessories, which emerged with the understanding of modern landscape and urbanism that are an integral part of urban life, do not require maintenance and can be used safely for many years.

Annealed Pipes: (TIG Brandy - Normalization at 1150 ° C - Straightening and Hydrostatic Test (5O Atm)
Food, chemistry. Our pipes, which can be used in all kinds of corrosive environments and applications, especially in fertilizer, paper, medicine and oil industries, offer the best solutions to the needs of its customers in industrial use.

Automotive Pipes: (Non-Annealing - HF Welding - Tensile, Bending, Crushing and Flattening Tests)
In today's automotive industry, exhaust pipes are now produced from stainless steel pipes. Our company supplies special pipes for this purpose and offers them to the use of the automotive industry.

Tephir and Heat Exchanger Pipes: (TIG Welding - E / C Test - Leakage Test (50 Atm)
These pipes, specially developed and produced, have been used safely for many years, especially in sugar factories.

Industrial Kitchen Pipes and Profiles: (TIG and HF Welding - Annealed / Non-Annealed - Surface treatments)
Pipes and profiles produced considering the hygiene, aesthetics and durability needs of industrial kitchen manufacturers have been successfully offered to this sector for many years.